Some of the images on Our Cruelty Pages can be quite GRAPHIC

 A lot of our time and energy is put into answering calls on reported Cruelty Cases.

We allow the person reporting to remain anonymous  although we do like to have a phone number in case we have trouble finding the location of the animals in question. 

We answer reports of cruelty to Dogs, Cats, Horses or Ponies and even Farm Animals.

It is a very hard and often times sad job, but helping the animals in desperate situations can be very rewarding.


We have a good few Cruelty cases on our Cruelty pages but we will WARN you

that some of the pics can be quite GRAPHIC………

Some have happy ending and others have not!

Not all the of the following cases were brought to court,

but all the animals were Rehabilitated and Rehomed or their living conditions were improved with advice to the owner and some sadly were released from pain and suffering by being PTS.

The greatness of a nation and it’s moral progress can be judged by the way it’s animals are treated.

 Mahatma Ghandi…..

 You are now on our Recent Cruelty Page and we would

like to share some of our cases with you!

The Five Freedoms Concept:

Which are the Five Basic Freedoms that ALL Animals are Entitled To!

1. Freedom from Thirst, Hunger and Malnutrition.

2. Freedom from Discomfort.

3. Freedom from Pain, Injury and Disease.

4. Freedom to Express Normal Pattern of Behaviour.

5. Freedom from Fear and Distress.

Which sadly the Animals on the following pages were not allowed!

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Another Emaciated Pony Abandoned in a Quarry.

                           Before being hoisted.                                                                 Getting the straps on.                                                 Ready for the hoist.

                   Being steadied                                                Resting and getting her footing                                        Having a nibble of  hay

                1st few tender steps                                                    Comfy in her stable                                          Being dried out with straw under her rug.

Jackie got a call yesterday evening  Saturday 28th Jan 2012 about a Filly Pony that was down since Thursday, so she went off to check on it. She gave it some ration, hay and water and put bales of straw around her and a rug to keep her warm until we could see to her in the morning as it was too late yesterday by the time the Guards came and she made no attempt to stand up as she was down 3 days at that stage.

We got to her morning Sunday morning and she was still down but was alert enough to want more food. Some very kind locals came to help so we got straps and a loan of a tractor to hoist her up on her feet, she was very weak at first but soon got her footing and was able to walk so a FAB friend Kate said that would care for her. We loaded her with some help from a few very nice local men.

I stayed in the horse box with her while travelling to Kate's home as somebody had to keep an eye on her in case she went down in the box, we had to pull up once as she nearly collapsed in the box with me and again while going in to Kate’s home so we let her rest for a while in the box and them unloaded her.

She will remain with Kate who will look after her as she will need plenty of care, good feeding and supplements etc.

Jackie put a rug on her with plenty of straw underneath as she is very wet from lying on the ground for nearly 4 days.

Please keep this Filly in your thoughts and will her to live.

A big thank you to Jackie, Kate, Mark and the lovely local men that helped getting this Filly on her feet and to Kate for taking her in and caring for her.

Update on Nutmeg 9th February 2012

It is with great sadness that I have to announce that Nutmeg was pts today. Kate and her 2 little girls were there holding and comforting Nutmeg wishing her well on her way to Rainbow Bridge as Jackie and I were there in thought.

I want to thank everybody who donated money towards her Vet bills, wished her well and kept her in their thoughts.

Everything was done for this lovely Pony that was possible, Vet attention when she needed it, feeding 6 times a day but most of all she knew what love and comfort were thanks to Kate and her family.

Nutmeg is now galloping through lush green fields of clover at Rainbow Bridge and as I said to Kate she will be a little shining light up high in the sky forever more.

Bad, Bad Karma to the owners that starved and dumped this beautiful filly.

Abandoned Pony.

A very Sad looking Pony, he is only 12 hands high and is emaciated and covered in 2 types of Lice.

Very sad looking 12 hand pony emaciated and covered in 2 types of  lice sucking on his blood.

I got a call from a concerned member of the public about this poor Pony Cob left abandoned in a little wood and we went to check on him with the company of a Guard who immediately signed a form to release him into our custody on 11th October 2011.

He is only 12 hands high but I am sure we can add another inch or two on when he is at his proper weight.

He is a lovely boy and is only about 8-10 years old and he is white with grey markings and is loving his grub at the moment, you can see how sad looking he is and he is very emaciated, full of worms and you can see all his bones sticking out apart from his ribs because of his worm belly and hair but it is like rubbing a skeleton under that hair around his rib cage.

Bobby as I have decided to call him has been wormed and deloused and is on special feeding 3 times a day with added supplements.


I would like to thank Sheena of Armargos in County Clare who came up and collected Bobby and brought him down to her rescue to care for him but sadly he died after a couple of weeks he had internal damage from the long term lice/worms and the emaciation he had suffered.

Bobby is pain free now and he knew kindness while he was with Hannah and with Sheena and he is grazing on pastures green now and we have another little star shining bright in the sky.

Poor Lurcher got caught in a Badger Snare.

This poor Lurcher was rescued by a lovely family that had fed him for a few weeks and they caught him after he had been released from a Badger Snare (horrible cruel things)

He came into the rescue on 10th October in late evening and I brought him to Marta (our Vet) the following morning all we could do for him was to give him painkillers and antibiotics and we had to wait for a few days to see if he would be ok as we thought that he is in great danger of septicaemia which is an a very bad infection that can spread through the body and could kill him.

This poor Lurcher had to be put to sleep 3 days later as all the tissue on the inside of his legs and penis just erupted and sadly we could not save him.

Snares are very dangerous things and cause untold pain and suffering to all animals that get caught in them.

Rest in peace Lurcher Boy you are pain free at Rainbow Bridge now.

Here are pics of him when he was rescued and the second pic you can see how the all the skin erupted.

Our wee foal 7th July 2011


We had the pleasure of having this wee filly foal of 8 weeks here in the rescue for a couple of days in a dog kennel, she came into me on 7th July 2011 and we called her Sparky.

The people that owned her knew that they could not manage and relinquished her to us, she was a very funny girl as she had been hand reared.

The I.S.P.C.A. in Mallow were very good to come up and bring her down there as they had a few orphans foals around her age and she is doing great down there and will get a lovely home when the time is right for her

Our latest Rescue of a Pony Stallion taken on 15th June 2011      

Here is where we found the stallion and as you can see he had nothing to eat and is very sad looking.

You can see his rib bones and hip bones sticking out here.

We got a call about this poor Pony on 15th June 2011 tied and wrapped around trees in a forest with no water of food for 10 days, he was pretty thin and dehydrated and had a rope tied around his neck and he kept getting caught on tree stumps.

As you can see from the pics above he had nothing to eat and it took more than 10 days for him to get into that condition so we think  on account of him being a stallion there was no more use for him as the mares are more valuable because they can have foals.

We got out the guards who signed him over to us and we headed off to the rescue to collect out poor delapeted horse box and went back to collect him and he loaded like a dream but he was weak enough and he is here now in the rescue getting lots of TLC and proper feed to put condition on him and when he has enough weight put on him we will get him Castrated.

We think another few days to a week and he would have gone down and died, so he was one of the lucky ones.

But unfortunately on the way home one of the tyres went flat on the horse box and another blew on the same side so it was a rough enough journey for him.

So the next day I brought the horse box into Cashel to get all tyres replaced and as we were unhitching the box from the van the jockey wheel snapped, so I had to go off and get another one of those, I got back to Bryan Fogarty Tyre Centre & Motor Factors in Cashel and he was so good he would not charge the rescue anything after putting on 4 tyres on the horse box and fixing the jockey wheel (Thank you Bryan) for your kindness.

Update on Woody, pics taken 19th July 2011

What a difference in Woody with these pics taken one month later from when we took him into the rescue, no more bones to be seen and he is fine and healthy and happy in his green meadow of grass, I think it is nearly time for a diet as he looks like a pregnant mare now.

This what makes rescue worth while when you rescue an animal as bad as him and see the difference a bit of good quality food and a bit of tlc can do.

Poor Cob caught in wire on the 28th of February 2011      

The pics are of poor quality as we did not have the camera with us and pics were taken from my phone Yesterday 28th Feb 2011 we got a call from a man that told us there was a pony down in the bog with wire wrapped around it and he cut off the wire but he thought that the animal needed to be put down as it was nearly dead and that he had pulled it out of ditch of water in the bog.
We were not able to get her up as there was a stone stake in the way of her head and she was also on an incline and we could have made matters worse and made her fall down the incline into the stream, she was not dehydrated but was glad of water from a bottle that Catherine gave her. We also cut more wire from her leg and some of her tail as it was all wrapped around her leg, she had a nice gash between her ribs and hip and under her hind leg and we had no idea what other injuries she had until we could get her up to see the other side.
So we decided to go for help, we called to a local camp that gave us a loan of rope and told us as to who may own the animal so we called there and that man was very nice and made a phone call to the owner.
So the man followed us to where the Cob was and then a few more vans and cars came along, 2 of the men had her standing up in about 5 mins and it took a bit of time to get her out onto the road as her hind leg was very wobbly and she could only hobble on the toe of her hoof as she had loss of blood flow which would numb the leg.
but it was great to see her up and then she decided to nibble a bit of grass at the side of the road, we are going back in a week or two to see how she is getting on, they called a vet straight away as she did need stitches on the side she was lying on.
Cottage Rescue try at times to help rather than bring in the guards and vets as there was 2 huge round bales of hay (lovely fresh hay) for the animals that were in the field and we advised them to remove the barbed wire that was around as we would be checking that when we came back.
We like to work with the travellers when we can and in all honesty it had happened the night before from what we could see, so we could see no cruelty on their part.

We are going back in 2 weeks time to see how she is doing.

                             Lying down.                                                    The steep incline to give you an idea of how she could have fallen into the drain.

        A gash from where wire was cut off.                                   We cut wire off her leg.                                                    When she first got up.

          When she took a couple of steps.                                      Standing up on the road.                                                     Looking better all ready.

Update one the Cob 22nd of March 2011

We went back to see the Cob that was caught in wire a few weeks ago in the bog and worked with the family that owned the animal, here are updated pic of her, she looks way better, we were very pleased with her and the care they gave her but sadly she is blind in one eye, such a difference to see her from when she was pulled from near death.

The owner said she was fine for a day or two and the she went down again but they got her up and it is great to see her looking so well and to work with the travelling community as well.

She is also walking lots better and can also trot a bit.

I like a good ending to a story, don’t you??

Here are the latest pics taken today.

Wounds have healed really well but she lost the sight in one eye.

What a difference.

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Tuesday, 27 January 2015

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Dog in Dreadful State Removed from Owner in Local Village.

 I called to a local man on Friday 3rd August 2012 after getting a cruelty complaint about a dog in awful condition.

The dog was a Kerry Blue and had dreadlocks down to the ground. She was in a dreadful state and was very uncomfortable, her skin was sore from all the wads of hair pulling on her skin, she had trouble eating and going to the toilet with all the dreadlocks, she was seen by a vet and a groomer and over 3kg of hair was removed from her body and the poor dog had to be sedated to get groomed.

In all my years in rescue and as a cruelty inspector I have never seen a dogs coat in such dreadful condition!

Owner was a very cruel man to let his dog get into this condition and when questioned why there was no bedding in her kennel, he replied that she was wearing her bed, the odour from this dog was horrific as she was full of her own faeces, this dog could not eat or go to the toilet properly .

He had never sought veterinary attention for her eye which had to be removed at a later stage. and she had lost the sight in one eye due to Ectropion Eye, which is a very painful condition where the eyelid turns into the eye and if not caught and treated in time will result in awful pain and loss of sight but we were able to save her other eye.

She is such a happy carefree dog now and I am sure her owner would not recognise her.

I had to get a foster home for her as I could not keep her at my rescue as I feared for her safety as I was getting threatening phone calls and the owner was sending me solicitors letters looking for the dog back and sending his so-called-friends and a man who claimed to be a pillar of the community down to the rescue asking and demanding that I give the dog back to the owner. What a pity that these so-called-friends did not step in when the dog was in such a terrible condition and still they talk about the poor man loosing his beloved dog and still cannot see the welfare issue that was at hand.

Rags as I called her in now living a very happy life with her New Owners minus one eye after I got her Spayed, Vaxed and Chipped.

Hers is a real story of rags to riches.

“Owners must appreciate all the requirement needs of their pets and if you choose to have a long haired dog, you will have to groom it regularly. A neglected coat can cause discomfort and distress particularly in warm weather and if left long enough can cause serious welfare issues."

Hard to know which end you are looking at here

Being groomed, I am sure the Vet Nurse did not know where to start at first

Hard to think this is the same dog? , I love the way Rags is looking at the pile of hair and thinking * was that on me? *

Somebody hit this Greyhound with a blunt instrument to kill her.

Vet put in a few stitches.

Sedated before wound was cleaned.

Pic of her when she came into me yesterday morning 05/11/2012 & a close up of her wound.

Wound getting washed out.

Wound all nice & clean.

All snuggled up in her kennel with her infra heat lamp on.

Got a call on Sunday about this Greyhound that a lovely kind Greyhound lady found near her home and she brought her straight to a vet who gave her some antibiotics and pain medication and she held her for me until Monday morning when she brought her to me here in the rescue 5th November 2012.

Somebody  tried to kill her by hitting her on the head with a blunt instrument like a hammer or similar (horrible people/persons)

Sadly even though she is a Greyhound we have no way of tracing her previous owner as she was not tattooed.

I brought her to my Vets yesterday evening and it took an hour to sort her out as she was sedated, the wound cleaned and she also received a few stitches and she also got a shot of antibiotics and pain killer and she will be on that for the next week as I want her to be pain free.

We thought at first that she had skin missing but found out after cleaning the wound that her head a huge swelling which was very badly bruised tissue, she had been hit with such force. I think who ever done this went off after doing it thinking she was dead and she came to and ran off.

She slept well last night and ate a lovely warm breakfast and had a little walk around the yard.

I wonder what her crime was to deserve treatment such as this.

Sad fact but true, some people put down Greyhounds like this with a blow to the head and quite often use a hammer, it is a very CRUEL ACT, how can anybody look into these beautiful eyes and strike her like that???

Please keep this lovely girl in your thoughts and send her good healing vibes.

Update on Saorise 28th November

Head all healed up

Having a lie down in the sun

Having a run around the field

Saorise continues to do well here in the rescue and I am amazed that her wound healed up so well and delighted.

She loves and adores children of all ages and gets on great with all dogs here but she is still very afraid of men and sudden movements or loud noises and is very wary if you have anything in your hand as you approach her.

Room at the Inn on Christmas Eve Night for this Poor Emaciated Lurcher.

And there was room at the Inn on Christmas Eve Night....
Lovely lady and her Daughter contacted me about this poor Lurcher on Christmas Eve Night Dec 24th 2012.

They opened their front door that night and there he was cold, alone and starved and sick.
This Lurcher knew what house to arrive to as he knew these lovely people would not kick him out into the cold night again, they fed him, gave him warmth and above all they cared enough to contact me, put his poor body into their car and drive him to me.
They had seen him in a local village the day before and their hearts went out to him, he travelled 5-7 Kilometres to arrive at their house in his very weak and sick state.

Strange, don't you think that one of his rescuers name was Mary and she found him on Christmas Eve at her door.
Thank you Mary and Mother for your compassion to this dog on Christmas Eve.

In time once he puts on weight I will update his pic.

Pics taken on Christmas Day

He loves his new coat to keep him snug

Whippet living wild rearing her 6 puppies all alone

Here is Momma and her 6 puppies

You can hardly see Lorraine in the bushes

Edwina surveying the bushes





Many thanks to the lassies in the pics, Lorraine Bradshaw and Edwina Morrissey for helping to find and catch the puppies and the Mum behind abandoned houses, that dividing bush between both houses got a good old pruning and thrashing from both girls with a clippers and a slashes on 28th Nov 2012 .
She is one amazing dog she had a tunnel going through this bush which must have been over a 100 feet long or more where she could gallop freely from one end of the garden to the other and little gaps going out into each garden and she also had two exits and entries into one garden.
The dog is a wee little Whippet and she has reared these 6 little pups on her own, they are about 3-4 weeks old and are very healthy and well fed and she done this by living rough in a town and getting scraps of food from kind people, what a FAB little dog she is.

We reckon that she had been living wild at these gardens since she became pregnant judging by the paths and tunnels she had.

She is very nervous and thin and has not been handled much but she is coming along nicely.


As you can see Noel has come on great in the 2 weeks that I have him and I am so proud of him.

Just look at the weight he has put on

His ribs are now covered with flesh and the back bone and hip pins are coming along nicely as well.

He is such a good dog and he loves his food and his snug coat and his kennel in the night time.

Amazing what a bit of food and warmth can do for an animal ???

Poor Lurcher and Puppy full of Mange

This poor Lurcher and puppy came into me on 9th Jan 2013.

The pics don’t show how bad this poor Lurcher is with Mange. Her skin it totally pink from it and the little puppy has rickets and mange and they are both full of worms. I have the adult on antibiotics, antihistamines and she has been treated for mange and worms and the pup has been treated for mange and worms and it will get the proper supplements for the rickets.
Lovely old man has the pup since before Christmas and brought it back from deaths doors, he rang me yesterday when he noticed this dog coming up for feeds from a certain neighbouring house and he found out that her bed was in a ditch with no bedding or proper shelter, so he kindly caught the Lurcher and I then and collected both dogs.


Update on these 2 beauties 7th Feb 2013

You can see the difference in both these dogs after only 4 weeks.

Mange has cleared up on both and the puppy is way better and the rickets has improved greatly and she is a total sweet little puppy and they are both looking for homes now.



Tattoo removed from Greyhounds ears with Acid!

This poor Greyhound girl was brought into me on Saturday evening 2nd March 2013.
She was dumped after somebody cruelly removed her tattoo markings with Acid on Saturday morning.
She was in a severe state of shock, panting heavely and not taking any notice of what was going on around her.
She wandered into a familys home and they kindly brought her to me here at the rescue.
Her case is being investigated by the IGB who have taken her details, markings, DNA and pic.
Greyhounds can be so forgiving and she trusts me totally and has no problem with me cleaning her ear wounds.

Update on Queenie 02/04/2013

As you can see from the pic Queenie is a lot more happy and relaxed in herself since her wounds have healed and she is now looking for her forever home.

She is such a special Greyhound and is forgiving to all humans.

No news as yet from the IGB as regards their investigations on her.

Poor Terrier abandoned with horrific bite wounds.

I got a call from a lovely person that picked up this poor little Terrier in Cashel on Monday 25/03/2013.
So I headed off to get him straight away as he was in bad condition and I had to bring him straight to my Vets in Dundrum for attention, he had to remain in the Vets on Monday night and he came back to me yesterday. This poor baby had been badly attacked by another dog 3-4 weeks ago and his bad owners obversely never got him any Veterinary attention.
His owners answer when he was not getting any better and when his wound began to smell was to dump him. I would very much like to meet and chat with his previous owners!
You can see the wound on the outside of his poor thigh and the inside is in a terrible mess with infection and punture wounds and his scrotum is all swollen and his wee penis is as well. He also has other little wounds that have healed. Even in his horrific pain , he never uttered a growl, snarled or objected to anybody checking out his wounds, Aishling ( vet nurse told me that Eamon the Vet kept calling him Rocco so that is now his name) as he is a very brave little Terrier ♥
He had some of the dead flesh cut away and he is on strong Antibiotics
, pain killers and h his wounds have to be washed every day and a cream put on them, I cant believe that he is so easy to handle, he has a smashing temperament and he is so loving with it and he will make a FAB pet for any family ♥
I am sure you will send Rocco plenty of good vibes to get better and to get the loving home he deserves.

The day she came in

One of her poor ears

Her other ear

And her leg

When he came in

The outside of his leg

Inside of his other leg

Big difference a week later

Inside one of his legs

Big difference a month later

Poor Greyhound never handled in her 6 years of life with an injury.

Say hello to Zeta who came to me on Tuesday 11th March 2014 from another rescue.

At first it was thought that she had 2 broken legs but thankfully that was not the case but the tendon in one of her front legs is not in a good way so she is going to another Vet to see what can be done to repair it or if it can be repaired.
She is a very nervous dog and is terrified of everybody & everything, does not seem to have been handled much but hopefully she will gain trust in people, she is 5 years old and never raced or had pups and was never registered and the reason for her injury on the leg is that she was supposed to have run into a gate or fence the other rescue was told. And it would appear that she could not be caught by the owner to bring her to a vet for medical attention, so she has quite a long road ahead of her emotionally & physically.
The tendon has caused her leg to tighten and it is a bit shorter that it should be and she does walk with a nice limp.
I am not sure what or if something can done to improve it as tendons can be very tricky to deal with.

Update on Queenie 30/03/2014

No news as yet from the IGB as regards their investigations on her even though it has been over a year now since she came into me, so much for them being 70% sure of catching the people responsible for this horrific act.

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